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a recession
a recession
<seo title="English Capitalization Rules | Guide to Capitalization" metadescription="Refer to these English capitalization rules to ensure you are capitalizing words correctly. We cover buildings and streets, place names, generations, and more."/>

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Titles and Positions

Governor Pataki

Bob Smith, chairman of the board

Place Names and Place-Related Terms

the South

the East, the Far East, Eastern (when describing Asia or Asian culture), eastern, an easterner, the Middle East, the Near East, Middle Eastern, the Eastern Hemisphere, eastern Europe, Eastern Europe (when discussing the post-WWII division of Europe), the eastern seaboard, the East Coast (when referring to the eastern United States)

Lakes Erie and Superior

the earth

western Pennsylvania

the Big Apple

the Rust Belt

the Upper East Side

the West Coast

the Great Depression

Southern hospitality



Generation X

baby boomers

Terms That Begin with Single Letters



Names of Races, Ethnic Groups, Nationalities, Peoples, and Social Classes



African Americans

an African American child




Native Americans, American Indians, the First Peoples (in Canada)

Buildings and Other Structures and Streets

the Sears Tower

the Brooklyn Bridge

Seventh and Eighth avenues

Government Terms

the Senate


the federal government


the Second Amendment

Social Security

Epochs, Ages, and Historical Events

the Industrial Revolution

the Great Depression

a depression

a recession