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<big>'''Welcome to the [http://www.papercheck.com Papercheck] Style Guide'''</big>
<big>'''Welcome to the [https://www.papercheck.com Papercheck] Style Guide'''</big>

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*[https://www.papercheck.com Papercheck Home]
*[https://www.papercheck.com Papercheck Home]
<seo title="Writing Style Guide Examples: APA, MLA, & More | Papercheck" metadescription="Check out Papercheck's writing style guide. Our team has divided the guide into two sections, including a list of the most common writing styles and examples."/>

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Welcome to the Papercheck Style Guide

In an effort to ensure consistency in the work performed by the editors of Papercheck, the senior editors have agreed upon the standards that are presented in this style guide. It is divided into two sections. The first is a set of General Guidelines that are based on customary editing practices. The second section is composed of Papercheck Style conventions that we would like you to adopt.

Here is a list of the most common academic writing styles:

Here is a list of the a few uncommon academic writing styles: