Adjectives, Adverbs, and Nouns

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Adjective + noun [or participle] + noun, e.g., low-quality sound and tight-lipped person

Age terms, both adjectives and nouns, e.g., five-year-old and three-year-old child

Gerund + Noun + Noun, e.g., running-shoe department

Noun + gerund + noun, e.g., decision-making process

Noun + noun + noun, single function (adjective form), e.g., tenure-track position

Noun + noun, two functions (compounds as both adjectives and nouns), e.g., nurse-practitioner and city-state

Noun + participle (adjective form), e.g., flower-filled garden

Number [21-99] (spelled out), e.g., ninety-nine

Number + unit (not abbreviated) + noun, e.g., a 250-page book and a hundred-meter race

Number (ordinal) + noun + noun, e.g., third-floor apartment and first-row seats

Number (ordinal) + superlative + noun, e.g., second-best decision and third-largest town

Participle + noun + noun, e.g., chopped-liver pâté and cutting-edge methods

Participle + preposition + noun, e.g., a frequently referred-to paragraph

Simple fractions, e.g., one-half and three-quarters