Expressing Numbers Turabian

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The rules for Turbian are the same as those for Chicago except in the following cases:

Use Numerals for the Following:

1. Two or more round numbers (hundreds, thousands, etc.) in close proximity, e.g., the new writer sold 1,000 books in the first year and 6,000 in the second (two or more round numbers may also be expressed as a combination of words and numerals, as in Chicago)

2. Decades, e.g., 1990s

3. Monetary quantities when there are many of them (with dollar or cent signs), e.g., $5.40 and $6

Use Words for the Following:

1. Round numbers (hundreds, thousands, etc.) in isolation

2. Monetary quantities when there are few of them (with the words dollars or cents)

3. In contexts involving a great deal of numerical data (but not the sciences), e.g., statistics

a. Single digit numbers

4. In scientific contexts

a. Numbers beginning sentences only

Use Words and Numerals for the Following:

1. Sets of two or more items in different categories, e.g., five of the vendors sold 3 oranges each, and twenty of them sold 2 each